Wagyu Shank

I Bought The Best Wagyu And It Was Really Cheap

Wagyu steaks are really expensive, but there are other cuts that are not.
I bought the best Wagyu and it was really cheap!

Cooking American Wagyu Steak

Wagyu: Myths and Misconceptions - Part 2

In part two, I cook both American and Japanese Wagyu, discuss the different flavors along with the health benefits of...

American vs. Japanese Wagyu

Wagyu: Myths and Misconceptions - Part 1

What is Wagyu? What is American Wagyu? Is it the same as Japanese Wagyu? Is one better than the other? How is it graded? Is it a healthier...

Kabuni. Albanian Recipe

Gluten Free Pasta Round Up, Which Is Best?

I picked the best Gluten Free Pasta and reviewed it so you don't have to waste your money!

Picnic Prep in under 20 minutes

Easy, Fast and Healthy Picnic Ideas!

Want to have a easy, fast and healthy picnic? How about one you prep in under twenty minutes.

Kabuni. Albanian Recipe

This Dish Can Be A Dessert, Side or Entrée! 

Kabuni is a traditional Albanian side dish that can be a dessert, side or entrée! This recipe is so versatile and delicious. It's a must try!

Tini's Potato Salad

This Baklava Recipe Is So Good, I Sold 1 Million Pieces!

We have been selling this Baklava at the Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant for nearly 45 years! Here is the original recipe! It is delicious! 

Purslane recipe

Purslane Is Not A Weed And It Could Save Your Life! Best Salad Recipe!

This video is all about pigweed, a.k.a purslane, a.k.a. little hogweed, fatweed and pusley. The scientic name is Portulaca Oleracea and it is so packed with nutrients that is literally saved my father from starvation! If you find purslane in your backyard, eat it! Just make sure it is purslane and not anything else

Tini's Potato Salad

Killer Potato Salad That Might Actually Kill You!

This is a killer Austrian  potato salad! The best you'll ever have by far. But, some of the ingredients are a bit questionable. What is rapeseed oil? Isn't it toxic? Can't Green potatoes make you sick? This unique potato salad does not use mayo and is far creamer than any one with mayo you'll ever have!

Porterhouse for less! $8 per pound! Grass Fed!

Porterhouse for less! $8 per pound! Grass Fed!

With the price of beef getting crazy, now is the time to try a porterhouse for less. Go for a lamb loin chop! It's around $8 per pound U.S. It is grass fed, it is juicy, it is tender, it is moist and best of all, not gamey!!

Shrimp Kataifi Kebabs

Is This The Best New Way To Prepare Shrimp? YES! Shrimp Kataifi Kebab!

This is my favorite way to prepare shrimp. Shrimp wrapped in kataifi is elegant and delicious. On a skewer it makes a phenomenal appetizer and an even more delicious entree,. With a little Asian flare, it will rival some of the best tempura dishes out there! 

How To Flavor, Cook And Eat A Whole Lobster

How To Flavor, Cook And Eat A Whole Lobster

Summer time! Perfect time to cook and eat a whole lobsters and I have jus the tips and tricks you need! How to flavor the lobster and easy ways to separate the shell from the meat!

Best Cookware

Putting Together The Perfect Cookware Set | Healthy Cookware!

Are you looking for non-toxic healthy set of cookware? Looking to put together the perfect cookware set? Look no further! I have done all of the homework for you!

Easy Home beer brewing

How To Make Beer Easy At Home

Want to know how to make beer easy at home? I purchased the Beermkr! Recently featured on Shark Tank, this home brewing system might be the best one on the market at the best price!

How to grow microgreens

How to Grow Microgreens at Home, EASY!

Inexpensive, fool-proof and easy method to grow microgreens at home

Olive oil review

What Is The Best Olive Oil?

What is the best olive oil? Is it extra virgin? What is EVOO? Are their fake olive oils? Is the mafia controlling the olive oil industry? I will review some excellent olive oils, all readily available and under $20! Get the most out of your olive oil!

Olives Taste Like Garbage Until You Do This...

Olives Taste Like Garbage Until You Do This...

Whether you like olives or not, treating them the way I show you how in this video will make them a million times better!

How to cook the perfect lamb chop

How to Cook The PERFECT Lamb Chop!

Is cooking lamb uncharted territory for you? Maybe you've tried and failed. I'm going to show you how to cook the perfect lamb and it's fast and easy, not to mention mouth watering and delicious!

Is asparagus good for you?

Is Asparagus Good for You?

Asparagus is called a super-veggie, but what about purple or white asparagus? Is the acid in asparagus safe? Can you eat too much? Why does it make your pee smell funny? What is the best recipe for recipe for asparagus? I will answer all these questions and give you three great recipes that are healthy!

Lobster tail is not the best part of the lobster

The Lobster Tail Is Not The Best Part! Lobster Risotto On St. John

If the lobster tail is not the best part of the lobster, what is? I flew all the way to St. John U.S. Virgin Island and found the best Lobster Risotto on the planet!. Do not pass this recipe by!

KEtchup from scratch

Homemade Ketchup, No Added Sugar, From Scratch. Like nothing you've ever had!

This is a gourmet ketchup recipe, no added sugar or corn syrup, but there is added fruit and it is as untraditional as ketchup gets! Delicious and versatile, as well as organic. Check out the unique ingredients! You can baste chicken, ribs, even FISH with this ketchup. It is spectacular!

10 Cooking Tips

Ten Tips To Help You Be A Better Chef 

There are a ton of pointers out there to help make you cook better but in this video I'm going to share ten tips to help you be a better chef by revisiting the fundamentals with a fresh perspective. 

Easy Coffee Roasting at home

Easy Coffee Roasting At Home For Under $20

Perfect every time without watching over it! Easy coffee roasting at home for under $20! Have you looked into coffee roasting? Not cheap! For less than $20, you can have the coffee of your dreams, consistently, every time!

Better Butter

Butter you should have. What is the best butter?

Does it make a difference? Organic vs. Grass fed? Why bother? IF you want to find out which butter you should have, you came to the right place!

Soy Sauve round up

Which Is The Best Soy Sauce ? Is Soy Bad For You ?

Which is the best soy sauce. Does aging matter? Is a more expensive soy sauce better, but, is soy bad for you? What is Umami and are there soy sauce alternatives that taste good, and are good for you. Find all that out here!

Cooking with beer

How to Cook With Beer

I love experimentation and diving into unchartered territory. I cook with wine all the time but I did not now how to cook with beer and what would be the best beer to use. So I round up a spectrum of microbrews from a simple larger to Belgian triple and all the spectrum in between.

Are there microplastics in our food?

How Much Microplastic Should You Eat ?

How much Microplastic Should you eat? Is it in your salt and is it in your food? Do microplastics impact our health? Do they affect marine life? Do they affect our agriculture? Are they a growing concern? IS plastic pollution a problem? The more you know the better off we all will be!

Butternut Squash Soup

 Melomakarona Feat. MOM Gluten Free

This is the second video in my "Family Heirloom Recipe" series where I share the most amazing recipes, with the people who came up with them!

Cyprian Sheftelies

Easy To Make Hand-Wrapped Cypriot Sausage Sheftelies

I am blessed with the best mother-in-law, hands down. And she is a part of the first in a series I am starting called "Family Heirloom Recipes." She makes a hand-wrapped Cypriot Sausage called Sheftelia that is out of this world.

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Once every eight hundred year Jupiter and Saturn align perfectly, so, I invited a bunch of friends to the beach for a COVID-friendly gathering and served some easy to make butternut squash soup. The recipe is gluten free, could be vegan and worthy of this once-every-800-year happening!

Razor Clams over linguine

Cook those razor clams on Christmas Eve !

I don't know why these aren't more popular but razor clams are delicious and I highly recommend that you cook those razor clams on Christmas Eve! It should be the number one dish in the feast of seven fishes.

Watch This Review Before You Buy All-Clad

Watch This Review Before You Buy All-Clad

All-Clad is one of the best, no doubt. But, watch this review before you buy All-Clad and you may save yourself a ton of money! In this video I perform a detailed review of copper core stainless steel sauté pans from both Costco (Kirkland) and All-Clad and I really put these pans to the test. 

Eggs Benedict in Under 4 minutes

Is Costco Manuka Honey Worth It?

Alex, one of my favorite YouTube celebrities, challenged his viewers to make Eggs Benedict, from scratch in under 4 minutes! Problem is, I don't own a microwave. Can I make classic Eggs Benny without a microwave in under 4 minutes?

Greek Donuts Loukoumades

Is Costco Manuka Honey Worth It?

What is Manuka Honey? Would you spend $300 for honey? Is Costco Manuka Honey worth it for a lot less?

Ground Up Wagyu

I Ground Up Japanese A5 Wagyu !

Oh no I didn't! (yes, I did.) I ground up Japanese A5 Wagyu from Costco! Is it the best cut of meat for ground beef? If not, what is?

Meatball Throwdown

Meatball Recipe Good Enough To Win A Throwdown ?

 SO... My friend challenged me to a meatball throw down. Here's the thing: I never made meatballs in a red sauce IN MY LIFE. I wanted to create a unique meatball recipe, something different than anyone does. The question is: Is my meatball recipe good enough to win a throwdown?

Meal Prep for a week

Meal Plan and prep : Total Empty Fridge For A Week

Looking for inexpensive, healthy, easy and fast meals? Maybe your are looking at the wrong part of your refrigerator. Here there is a meal plan and prep that for around $6 per meal.

Manuka Honey

Is Costco Manuka Honey Worth It?

What is Manuka Honey? Would you spend $300 for honey? Is Costco Manuka Honey worth it for a lot less?

Osso Bucco

Easy Berkshire Pork Shank Osso Bucco 

We were on a road trip through New England and I was inspired to make an easy Berkshire Pork Osso Bucco on a trip to the Berkshires! Silky-soft Berkshire pork shank.

Crispy Healthy Loaded Fries

Crispy Healthy Loaded Fries

 My wife and I took a five day road trip from Long Island to Boston. We found amazing great loaded fries in Binghamton. I new that I could make them healthy and crisp!

Is Wagyu Beef Worth It?

Is Wagyu Beef Worth It?

I came across authentic Japanese Wagyu steak at Costco. It was $100 per pound. The question is, is it worth it?

Calamari Salad

Calamari Salad

I'm always looking for a delicious protein to add to my salad and Calamari is one that is often overlooked. Sometimes, calamari is rubbery, but I'll show you how to make a tender calamari salad in this video.

Greek Garlic Sauce

Skordalia Greek Garlic Sauce Recipe Gluten Free !

So many people have asked me for this recipe over the past 44 years that I decided to teach you how I make Hellenic's famous Skordalia Recipe , a.k.a. Greek garlic sauce, except this version is gluten free and NO POTATOES!

Summer Tomato recipes

Fresh Summer Tomato Recipes

 I will show you how to make a spectacular Greek feta and tomato salad with fresh basil and mint. A mind blowing side dish of stuffed BBQ tomatoes that you can also serve for breakfast! 

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Mac and Cheese Recipe FROM SCRATCH ! Throwdown : Gluten Free or Not ?

Inspired By Guy Fiere, my son came up with the ultimate mac and cheese recipe from scratch! I bet him that I can make one just as good as his, same basic ingredients, but gluten free. So which one is the winner? Gluten free or not? They are both spectacular!

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Sometimes you want to take things to the next level, like adding lobster, crab and Shrimp to your guacamole. Now, even if you added none of the above, the recipe for guacamole in this video is one of the best you will ever have!

Bluefish burger

Best Way To Eat Bluefish!

Once you try this, you will agree that is the best way to prepare and make bluefish!

Greek Stuffed Vegetables

Greek Stuffed Vegetables | Yemista 

I want to take the mystery out of how to make Greek stuffed vegetables, also known as Yemista. This wonderful, versatile dish is gluten free and easy to make. You can cook them on the stove, on the barbecue or in the smoker! You can make them with rice or quinoa.

BBQ Hummus

Delicious Creamy Roasted Hummus 

like to bbq everything in the summer, including bbq hummus! Delicious and Creamy with charred and roasted red peppers, maybe some pigniolias and scallions. Mmm... Totally gluten free!

Fantastic Skewers

Juicy Kebabs On The BBQ | Greek Tzatziki 

There is so much you can do with kebabs! I am going to show you how to make three Juicy kebabs on the BBQ : Tuna, Chicken Thigh and a unique pork "short Skewer" known in Greek as " Condosouvle " I am even going to show you how to make dessert kebab and my famous Tzatziki or Greek yogurt sauce !

Fish Sausage made with Porgy Scup

When A Porgy Shows Up To The Sausage Party

You're out on the boat fishing, killing the Scup, catching WAY to many Porgies ... what do you do with all of them? Invite them to The Sausage Party! I will show you how to make the absolute best and most delicious fish sausage with Porgy that you will EVER have!

Cooking Sea Robin

How to Prepare the Worst Fish You Will Ever Eat | Sea Robin a.k.a. Gurnard

Sea Robin is the fish that almost all fisherman hate. I will show you how to prepare the worst fish you will ever eat, a.k.a. gurnard. So if it is so bad, why does it sell for $19 per pound fileted in the fish market? Watch this video for tips and tricks that will make any fish you cook taste fantastic!

Liege or Belgian Waffles

The Best Liege (Belgian) Waffles

Not only do they taste awesome the are GF GLUTEN FREE ! From scratch, yummy, rich, with pearl sugar

Immune Boost Dressing

Immune Boost Salad Dressing

We need this! Everything we eat should be strengthening our immune system. Together, I will show you how to make an Immune Booster salad dressing.

Three ways to make the best coffee

How to Make the Best Coffee | 3 ways | Frappe - Dalgona - Irish Coffee

n this video, three of the best coffees you will ever have! Classic whipped coffees. Alcohol-Free Irish Coffee as well!. The best iced coffee ever: the Frappe and the coffee that has spread like wildfire, The Dalgona!

Easy Ultimate Greek Style Stew - STIFADO

Easy Ultimate Greek Style Stew - STIFADO

You need to know how to make the ultimate stew! It's easy. Greek style Stifado is the most versatile soul-satisfying one pot dish! Fantastic! 

The Ultimate BLT

The Ultimate B.L.T. (Feat. Brian May from Queen)

The ultimate classic B.L.T. awaits you. Tips and tricks that you can apply to any sandwich that will launch it to a new level. Many thanks to Brian May for the Zoom and his IG video!

Recipe for the ultimate cracker

The Ultimate Cracker

I recreated this cracker I came across while traveling in Canada and it is delicious! I shouldn't even be giving this recipe away!

How to protect from Coronavirus

Useful Tips on How to Avoid Coronavirus and Protect Yourself

Here are some useful tips on how to avoid Coronavirus and protect yourself from viruses and bacteria in general.

A class on spices

Spice Class 101

I had a great opportunity to teach aspiring chefs, through C.A.S.T, a local community organization that offered a seven week restaurant hospitality course for high school seniors.

An accidental chicken dish

Chicken Chai Latte

True Story and an excerpt from my second book! This was the happiest accident my family ever had in the kitchen.

Chopped Challenge at Costco

Costco Chopped

I bet my bride that she couldn't stump me. The Chopped Challenge: Costco, three ingredients, one meal. If I fail, I buy her a Michelin Star dinner. 

How to lose wait with patience

Resolution 3: Gain Wait

The key to keeping the weight off is is keeping it off permanently and there are ten top-notched pointers in this video that can help you to do just that. 

Oil Change

Resolution 2: Oil Change

Part two of three in the Resolution series, you need to take a closer look at your oils. You will be shocked to find out how important they are. What oils are good for you and what oils can kill you?

Resolution Series

Resolution One: Eat Right in 2020

Time to make EASY choices that stick and resolution one is to eat right. It's simple and it starts with simple ingredients and knowing what you are eating

Gordon Ramsey Eggs

My Scrambled Eggs Are Better than Gordon Ramsay's

If you've never had scrambled eggs using this technique, you've missed out on the best scrambled eggs of your life.

Apple Tarte Tatin

Super Easy Apple Tarte Tatin and it's Gluten Free!

... But don't tell anyone that this apple tarte tatin is gluten free. They won't need to know! It is super delicious and makes the perfect holiday dessert, especially with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Easy, Quick and Healthy Breakfast Frittata - Gluten Free!

Gather the family around the table and serve them a healthy breakfast frittata! It is so easy and quick, you'll want to make it for lunch and dinner! The best part? It is gluten free! It can be keto as well!

sauces salads  and sides

Best Shave of Your Life, great gifts and savings!

There are at least a dozen tips in this video on the art of frugal shaving! Organic and healthy alternatives and a recipe for a pre-shave oil that is going to give you the best shave of your life! The perfect gift for the holidays and a wonderful way to put those savings back in your pocket!

sauces salads  and sides

Easy Holiday Sauces, Salads and Sides! Gluten Free and Keto!

Just in time for Thanksgiving! This will fill your table easily! I prepare 7 different dishes including sauces, salads, sides and appetizers for the Holiday.

Cooking the perfect Turkey

Should We All Be Dead on Thanksgiving?

According to the health department, the way we prepare Thankksgiving dinner, we should! Learn how to make the most delicious, moist bird safely!

Thanksgiving Costco Hack

Add this Costco Hack to Your Thanksgiving Dinner...

This little secret behind the butcher's window at Costco is a hack that will be the star holiday dish of your Thanksgiving Dinner, and will save you a ton of money!

Gourmet Camping

Montauk Glamping Beef Tenderloin!

How about Glamping with a little grass-fed beef tenderloin... on a rotisserie?! That's what's for dinner!

Keto Fat Bombs

How to Make Easy Chocolate Keto Fat Bombs, Low Carbs is Yummy!

You have to try these easy chocolate fat bombs! They are so yummy and I am going to show you how to make them! Fat bombs for keto are desserts that can be SO delicious! Check out my beautfiul bride's YouTube debut and join us as we make low carb treats that Maria loves, AND, she doesn't eat chocolate!!

Best Fish Dish Ever

Sauteed Blackfish (Tautog) with Husked Tomato Sauce!

Sauteed Blackfish a.k.a. Tautog, is the most delicious, Fall fish dish you will ever have! Especially with My husked tomato sauce. It is so easy, keto, and grain free. A truly outstanding low carb dish THAT IS GLUTEN FREE AS WELL!!

Dinner for 8 under $50

Easy Dinner! Feed Eight People for Under $50!

Entertaining the right way, the healthy ways is not cheap. I'm going to teach you how to make an easy dinner that feeds eight people, for under $50!

Keto Bolognese

Delicious Keto Bolognese

My wife makes the greatest Bolognese on the planet. So I decided to build on that recipe and make a delicious keto Bolognese with carb-free noodles!

The Keto Burrito

The Keto Burrito! Easy, Delicious Low-Carb Tortillas!

Looking for an easy to make low-carb tortillas for that perfect keto burrito? Look no further! In this video I will also teach you how to make a delicious and versatile slaw that makes for the perfect grab-out-of-the-fridge salad!

Cook for 50 in 50 minutes

How to cook for 50 in 50 minutes... in a bookstore!

Think I can pull that off? Take a look!

Carb free noodles

Carb Free Konjac Noodles!

If you haven't had Konjac or Shirataki noodles and you are on a carb free or Keto diet, a miracle awaits you! I will show you how to make this simple and fast, Thai-style keto pasta dish.

Shrimp Spinach and Orzo

Simply the Best Greek Shrimp and Pasta Dish

I have been serving this dish in my restaurant for the past 25 years. Shrimp, Spinach and Orzo is simply the best Greek shrimp and pasta dish. It is easy and delicious!


How to Make Ceviche with Striper... IKEJIME!

How do you make Ceviche? How do you make it safely? Here you will learn how to make ceviche with striper or striped bass, but you can also learn how to make it using the best way of preparing the fish. Ikejime is a Japanese method of killing a fish, but it also generates the most delicious and cleanest tasting fish ever! Also, this ceviche recipe is keto friendly!

Kitchen Gadgets

My Favorite KItchen Gadgets

My favorite kitchen gadgets will come in super-handy this fall when you're back to your regular routine. I try to keep things simple so that you can have professional kitchen results at home, affordably.

Easy Seafood Boil!

How to Make a Seafood Boil, Easy!

You've got to know how to make a seafood boil, and it's easy! No summer is complete without one! Be sure to visit my website for the detailed recipe! 

Fresh Fish Sea to Table

Striped Bass from Boat to BBQ Catch and Cook

Whether you're spearfishing or fishing on a boat, I'm going to show you how to catch, clean, cook and BBQ your striped bass or red snapper! Simple, Greek, timeless preparation and a legendary dressing that I have served in my restaurant for 43 years! 

Two Minute Energy Boost

2 Minute Energy Boosting Smoothie

Got time for a 2 minute energy boosting smoothie? Want a delicious pick-me-up that 's organic, fast, healthy and inexpensive? Look no further!

Food prep for the week

Meal prep for the week in one hour
Ep.1: Chicken Three-Way

Want to do all your meal prep for the week in one hour? Watch this! Ep. 1: Spend an hour prepping all the ingredients for an unforgettable feast for the week using organic chicken as the main staple in part 1 of 4 of the Chicken Three-Way Series

The Ultimate Chicken Soup

The Ultimate Greek Chicken Soup: Avgolemono

I will show you how to make the most versatile and extraordinary chicken soup on the planet in no time! From basic to the classic and famous Greek Avgolemono (egg-lemon) style is the best chicken soup, ever! It’s fast organic… soul satisfying! Chicken 3-way series part 2 of 4

Ten Minute Pesto Chicken

Pesto Chicken in Ten Minutes!

Delicious and fast Pesto Chicken in under ten minues. Part 3 in the Chicken 3-way series. With the right prep work done in advance, you can have a dinner feast in under ten minutes! Fantastic, delicious, all-natural pesto chicken! 

Chicken With Peppers & Onions

One Pot Chicken with Peppers and Onions! 

Part Four! One Pot Chicken with Peppers and Onions! This is the Chicken 3-Way Finale. With prepped peppers & onions, and sauce with my "Italian Stallion" seasoning and slices of buffalo mozzarella. A simple, healthy and elegant dish in under twenty minutes!

Stuffed Leg of Lamb No Gaminess!

Stuffed Leg of Lamb No Gaminess!

Imagine a Stuffed Leg of Lamb with no gaminess? There are so many people that prefer not have lamb for the wrong reasons. I'm going to show you how to take all the gaminess out of the lamb and make the best stuffed leg of lamb you've ever had! Delicious toasted pine nuts and organic gala apples make this dish an unforgettable feast!

Three Great Dressings

Best Salad Dressing! Three Easy Recipes!

I am going to show you how to make the best, healthy salad dressings. With these easy recipes and some quality oils, you may never buy a ready-made dressing again! But wait! There's more! They're not just for salads, they taste great on seafood, chicken and any grilled meats!

My Favorite Salad

My Favorite Organic Super Simple Summer Salad!

Nothing is more satisfying than my favorite organic super simple summer salad! It is delicious! I love how easy it is to prepare and have in the fridge, so that there are no excuses for eating healthy. Give this one a try. You're going to love it!

Grilling the perfect steak!

Want to grill Perfect Steaks for Father's Day?

Want to grill Perfect Steaks for Father’s Day? Worried about flare-ups ruining an expensive steak? Fear not! I’m going to teach you how to make the perfect, steakhouse-quality steak! It’s a guaranteed way to grill confidently and consistently every time!

Best Ramen Noodles Ever!

Best Ramen Noodles, EVER!

My youngest son ADORES Ramen noodles and he is an amazing, young 17 year old cook! Want to learn how to make an extraordinary, organic, gluten-free Ramen noodle soup? Look no further! 

Pork loin! $5 meals natural and organic! Roast, skewers & steaks!

Pork loin! $5 meals natural and organic! Roast, skewers & steaks!

Pork loin can be a part of a $5 meal and today they are being raised natural, without hormones or antibiotics! Pair that with some organic butternut squash and organic Brussels sprouts and you have a healthy, inexpensive dinner! You will learn how to cook that lean meat so that its juicy and moist, as a roast, on skewers or as steaks!

How to use save and store ginger

Ginger benefits will change your life...

Ginger benefits will change your life and possibly save it! Do you know what your getting when you have sushi? Watch this! Having ginger at home will revolutionize your cooking! It is easy to prepare and store in the fridge for months!

Two great Ways to prepare salmon!

Salmon Two-Ways!

Beautiful fillets of wild-caught salmon aren't always in season. Here's how you can store them, cook them and indulge!

How to Makre Easy Greek Yogurt

How to make Easy Greek Yogurt!

But not just any yogurt, the best yogurt ever! Thick, rich, Greek yogurt. Experiment with filters, gelatin, raw milk and organic milk in bulk.

Shop in bulk? Recipes all week!

Shop in bulk? Recipes all week!

You shop in bulk, save money, only to find a fridge-full of half-opened items about to expire. I'm going to show you how to make a week's worth of entrees with items you'd never think go together!

Use a Knife Like a Pro!

Use a Knife Like a Pro!

You wind up buying a whole bunch of kitchen gadgets because nobody ever showed you how to use a knife! I'm going to teach you how to breeze through kitchen prep in half the time, the right way!

Super-Easy Knife Sharpening!

Here's a fool-proof, fast and easy way to keep your knives razor sharp!


My father and family created the Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant in 1976!
What started as a six-stool shack, famous for its fresh, made-to-order lemonade is now a 250 seat indoor/outdoor restaurant and caterer.
(we're still famous for our lemonade)


Wagyu Shank Recipe

Hellenic's Famous Baklava

Kabuni Recipe

Hellenic's Famous Baklava

Baklava recipe

Hellenic's Famous Baklava

Tini's Potato Salad

Tini's Potato Salad

Shrimp Kataifi Kebab

Shrimp Kataifi Kebab

How To Flavor, Cook And Eat A Whole Lobster, Tips and Tricks

Lobster Boil

The Perfect Lamb Chop

Capetola Asparagus Frittata

Power Balls

Capetola Asparagus Frittata

Asparagus Frittata

Capetola Asparagus Frittata

Lobster Risotto

Lobster Risotto

Homemade Ketchup


Greek Christmas Cookies


Easy Greek Donuts Loukoumades


Butternnut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Easy Greek Donuts Loukoumades


Butternnut Squash Soup

Butternut Squash Soup

Easy Greek Donuts Loukoumades


Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Pork Osso Bucco

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Skordalia Sauce

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole

Lobster Shrimp & Crab Guacamole


BBQ Hummus

Porgy Sausage

Porgy (Scup) Sausage

Stifado Greek Stew

Ultimate Belgian Waffle (GF)

Immune Boost Dressing

Immune Boost Dressing

Stifado Greek Stew


Recipe for the Ulitmate Cracker

The Ultimate Cracker

Oyster Mushroom Salad

Warm Mushroom Salad

Apple Tarte Tatin

My Fav Frittata


My Fav Frittata

Baked Brie

Organic Shave Oil

Baked Brie

Baked Brie

Keto Cranberry Sauce

Keto Cranberry Sauce

Salmon Bites

Salmon Bites

Mozzarella Apple Tomato Salad

Apple, Mozzarella & Tomato Salad


Gluten-Free Gravy


The Thanksgiving Turkey

Smoked Lamb Loin

The Ultimate Lamb Loin

Keto Fat Bombs

Keto Chocolate Fat Bombs

Blackfish With Husked Tomatoes

Blackfish Tautog) with Husked Tomatoes

Sweet potato Side Dish

Oven Baked Sweet Potatoes, Onion & Peppers

Keto Bolognese

Keto Bolognese

Keto Tortillas

The Keto Tortilla

Carb free noodles

Thai-Style Carb-Free Noodles

Spinach Shrimp and Orzo

Shrimp, Spinach & Orzo


Easy Seafood Boil

Seafood Boil

Easy Seafood Boil

The Ultimate Chicken Soup

The Ultimate Avgolemono Chicken Soup

The Ultimate Chicken Soup

Pesto Chicken

Italian Stallion Seasoning

Italian Stallion Seasoning

The Ultimate Chicken Soup

The Ultimate Avgolemono Chicken Soup

Stuffed Leg of Lamb No Gaminess!

Stuffed Leg of Lamb No Gaminess!

Three Great Dressings

Three Great Dressings

Amazing Summer Salad

Amazing Organic Summer Salad

Step-by-step BBQ'd Steak

Step-by-step BBQ'd Steak

Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles

Roasted Pork Loin

Roasted Pork Loin

Pork Loin Steaks

Pork Loin Steaks

Brussels Sprouts Teriyaki

Brussels Sprouts Teriyaki

Mashed Butternut Squash

Mashed Butternut Squash

Ginger can change your life...

Pickled Ginger

Beet Cured Gravlax

Beet Cured Gravlax

Easy Greek Yogurt Recipe

Easy Greek Yogurt

Stuffed Flounder Video on YouTube

Stuffed Flounder

Breakfast Nachos on Youtube

Breakfast Nachos

Roasted Potatoes Video on YouTube

Roasted Potatoes

Creamy Dill Salmon

My Books

Ferry Tales I & II are a collection of personal, introspective and comical stories about my life in a restaurant that started by accident in the middle of nowhere.

Ferry Tales, By George Giannaris

Ferry Tales, 2008

In 1976 a simple real estate transaction affected my life forever. "Brown's Cabins" on the North Fork of Long Island became "Hellenic Cabins & Snack Bar." My father, a Greek immigrant, poured his efforts into the Snack Bar portion of the business. Unaware of his incredible, gifted palate, he created a landmark restaurant, by accident, in the middle of nowhere; a business affected by the cross migration of travelers using the ferry terminal at the end of the island. "Ferry Tales" is about a seed planted over thirty years ago grown into a bonsai tree, groomed by the evolution of its clients, trained by a business that is either a madhouse or empty, rooted in Greek culture, potted in a region that bears the geographic uniqueness of the Garden of Eden, and nurtured by a gateway across America. It is based on comical, real events, belabored by the stresses of a successful family business, and fixed in the history and culture of a unique area, poised as the next great wine region of America.

Ferry Tales II: When Hellenic Freezes Over

Ferry Tales II: When Hellenic Freezes Over, 2016

On a bright and sunny Fourth of July day in 1976, an eighty-year-old snack bar became the Hellenic Snack Bar, situated in the middle of the greatest potato farming region on the east coast of the United States. Fast-forward to 2016, and the same family-owned 250-seat Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant stands at the tail-end of the three thousand acres of grapes that traded places with the potatoes. The focus on wine has changed the rural landscape dramatically. Owner George Giannaris shares the history of the restaurant, recipes, comical short stories and his philosophical insights.

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